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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Live Oak Teens

When I lost my mom several years ago it just about devastated my brother, father and I. It was hard to pick up the pieces of our lives. So when I met the Short family it really struck a chord. The three teens lost both their mother and father over a period of five months. The older brother Drew dropped out of Chico State to come home and take legal guardianship of his twin sisters.Sometimes I find myself wondering how these teens are doing now since its been about two and a half months since this was taken. When I got the assignment it was put in as a portrait but while sitting in on the reporter's interview with the teens this lovely little moment happened between the siblings and the light from the large bay window in their living room was just to lovely to ignore. This photo also recently won first place for general news in the December clip contest. You can read the story from the Appeal-Democrat here.

From left, Kiley,17, Shaina,17, and Drew Short,19, sit with the family dog, Scout, in their Live Oak home. The Shorts were orphaned after losing their father to a heart attack in May and their mother to cancer in October.

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