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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why WE left

Here's a sneak peek of a portrait project I've been working on here in the Bay called "Why WE left".

This is a personal project that has grown out of many conversations with my close friends about the brutal rental market and displacement of many of my friends in  the Bay Area especially in San Francisco as the try to make ends meet in the Non-Tech World.

Katherine and Dizzy -Alice St. 
Downtown Oakland. After being priced out of San Francisco's Mission District she and her dog are on the hunt for a place to live in the East Bay, Oakland specifically, but the boom across the Bay has made this increasingly hard and the average cost for a 1 bedroom near BART is $1800.

Would you like to get involved and share your story? or know someone who's struggling with similar rental issues? Email me at ckcphoto@gmail.com
Looking forward to sharing your stories!


Beth Rankin said...

This is a great project idea. Important, too - I live in Texas, where we've got two major cities heading down this same path. Cheers

Beth Rankin

Laura Payette said...

My husband and I left the Bay Area entirely in the fall of 2008 because we couldn't afford to buy anything or raise kids the way we grew up there, at least without feeling completely financially destitute. We miss it something fierce and would go back in a heartbeat if we could afford it. I guess we're lucky; we at least have family there so we visit several times a year to get our "fix."