"Often while traveling with a camera we arrive just as the sun slips over the horizon of a moment, too late to expose film, only time enough to expose our hearts." Minor White

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh my god, I can't believe it's that time of year again

The time for large popcorns, free lap dances, Showgirls,
and Midnight Mass with yr Hostess Peaches Christ.


tommy c. said...

beautiful photos!!! and i must say, that was such a fun night!!

Chelsea said...

So glad I could make it to opening night, my friends had never seen Showgirls, and Midnight Mass is the onlt way to go for your first experience, an awesome time was had by all. As for L Ron Hubby, I know her and never would of thought such a mild mannered girl by day became... well you were there right, pulling that flag outta her ass had to be seen to be believed! Great 4th of July!

esteli said...

these are awesome. I love how pink that one of joe and i is.


Anonymous said...

I want to see a sharkie on my bicycle? those are some great pics colleen